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08-10-2009, 09:14 PM
In case I can't make it:

ExAstris: Will all ground missions be 5 individuals, or will some of the more epic things you encounter at "end game" require 10+ away team members?

The team size is always five. There are maps that require multiple teams to make your way through. Think of a front-line situation where numerous players bring down their away teams to work together with other players to fight against multiple teams of other players or NPCs. But your away team is always five members.
In reference to the above quote, does that mean if you are grouped with another ship and you both are doing a mission that requires 2 teams (like a x2 raid) would one group be sent to one point on a map, while the other group be sent to another point? Or both sent to the same point but you can't mix the teams together (like a WoW or EQ2 raid window)

Reason I'm asking, is if the teams are split up, would be more interesting or difficult working together.