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12-04-2012, 07:18 AM
Originally Posted by empireofsteve View Post
Two weeks ago and they said they know what is wrong but if I read it right then it will take time for it to get fixed because it is a lot of files to edit.
one person shouldnt be working on it, they should have people working around the clock to fix it..

i know its alot of files, but honestly, other games squash bugs usually within a week. cryptic is famous for letting them hang around and get to know everyone..

terradome is a perfect example.. they never really fixed it, and that has been a bug isince like season 2 or 3.
a month is more than enouph time to find, and squash a bug. being fair, since j man (whom is my fav. dev so i dont want to be too critical of) found it two weeks ago, that still leaves more than enouph time to find and fix the problem.. its code, i know friends who work for software companies whom its their job to find, fix and stabalize code, and they can find and fix stuff pretty quick..