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12-04-2012, 07:32 AM
In those matches, I did a considerable amount of damage compared to the other players (approx 500k in a 15 kill match and around 750k in a 20 kill match)
Umm, a 20-kill match? I take it that this was a Cap-n-Hold? Also, what damage parser were you using? Different parsers on different settings can give very different damage levels. Given your console setup, you're losing out on something like a 100% damage boost from tactical consoles alone, so these damage figures are decidedly odd.

If you were going by the scorelist at the end, how long did the battles last? Our total damage per match varies significantly depending on how long the match lasted.

While the criticisms about my build are appreciated, what I really want here is perspective. I'm getting that I have an unusual build, but rather than just say something like 'Get some new consoles' (and I assume you mean stack damage consoles, resists, and shield strength), tell me, how does your ship perform in PvP? In an average 15-kill match, how much damage do you do? (Yes, I know damage isn't everything, but DPS is my primary purpose as an Escort, so I think it applies over healing here).
We can't really compare notes until we know we're using the same measuring sticks. Bear in mind, up to a certain point, low healing = low damage, as you will end up dying more often, and thus losing out on damage time. So, how often did you die during the match?

I didn't think you could use TSS on yourself?
Yes, TSS can definitely be used on yourself.

I have picked up ET and ST to try to improve my survivability.
This tends to be a bit difficult, as ET and ST will trigger global cooldown on TT when used. The lack of shield redistribution during the cooldown may thus lead to trouble for you. HE1 and EPtS1 are good replacements, HE1 for hull resist, HoT and clearing hazards, and EPtS1 for the power and res boost.