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Hey Dev team or other people that have insight into this.

As a carrier captain I'm trying to plan out my play time and working out what characters I will be focusing on. I have a few questions that I can't find answers to.

1. The only ultra rare hanger pet confirmed is the scorpion fighter at tier 5. As we can't see what the ultra rare fleet hanger pets are until it is unlocked, can we get a list of the current hanger pets that the Fed and KDF will be unlocking?

2. Do any off the reputation powers cross over the benefit the hanger pets like "Omega Graviton Amplifier" as a number of the powers will be chosen upon if they benefit the hanger pet.

I did a lot of fighter/frigate pet AI testing way back when only KDF had carriers but this time I have no chance to even look at these items until they are around and live. The info on the ultra rare hanger pets might even make a good Dev Blog on the main site.