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Umm, a 20-kill match? I take it that this was a Cap-n-Hold? Also, what damage parser were you using? Different parsers on different settings can give very different damage levels. Given your console setup, you're losing out on something like a 100% damage boost from tactical consoles alone, so these damage figures are decidedly odd.

If you were going by the scorelist at the end, how long did the battles last? Our total damage per match varies significantly depending on how long the match lasted.
The matches lasted around 10-15 mins, and I was using the scorecard that is displayed at the end of the match to get my numbers. Oh, and not a Cap/Hold match. Straight deathmatch, or whatever they are called in STO. The ones where you pick a map, the number of kills, and the team to get that many kills first wins.

Edit: When you say 'odd' do you mean odd in a good way (as in higher damage than I should have) or in a bad way (as in I've badly nerfed myself)?

There was one guy from my first match, who came out ever so slightly ahead of me on damage. He was using AP Mk 11s with a full rack of damage consoles. I think he got something like 5k more damage than me over the course of the battle.

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We can't really compare notes until we know we're using the same measuring sticks. Bear in mind, up to a certain point, low healing = low damage, as you will end up dying more often, and thus losing out on damage time. So, how often did you die during the match?
Ummm, don't remember off the top of my head. I died more in the 15-kill match than the 20-kill though. We lost the 15-kill, and I think I died 6 or 7 times. The 20-kill we won, and I think I died 4 or 5 times. I'll have a look a the screenshots I have at home and find out when I finish work.

Edit: How's about when I finish work, I'll post the links to the scorecards so you guys can see them for yourself?

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Yes, TSS can definitely be used on yourself.
This is good to know. I didn't realise that before. It seems a bit silly though.

"Quick, Number One. Transfer shield strength."
"Onto which target Captain?"
"So, Captain, you want us to transfer strength from our shields to... our shields?"
"Yes, Number One. Make it so."

Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
This tends to be a bit difficult, as ET and ST will trigger global cooldown on TT when used. The lack of shield redistribution during the cooldown may thus lead to trouble for you. HE1 and EPtS1 are good replacements, HE1 for hull resist, HoT and clearing hazards, and EPtS1 for the power and res boost.
The global cooldown is the only problem I have with having 2xTT, 1xET, and 1xST. From the comments about people's builds made earlier in the thread, there are a few options for rearrangig powers to get around this. HE1 is a power I've been looking at for a while now, looking for a way to pick that up instead of one of my others.

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