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12-04-2012, 07:47 AM
The Lobi crystals don't come cheep. trust me I dumped nearly $100 in to keys alone just to open the temporal lock-boxes. I was after the lobe anyways so the lack of a wells or it's mirror counter part who's name I can't recall, is alright, I mean it would of been nice, but I've come to understand my luck is fubar. I personally know people who've opened a quarter of the boxes I have and gotten three wells, atop a large amount of lobi.

if your interested in what my boxes have gotten me. please visit this Link

out of everything there. a large amount of it went to my fleet. I picked up two wells class uniform packs (gave one to a fleet mate) a Crewman Daniels Jump suit (for an alt) and the two relativity weapons (which I regret).  1340247645
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