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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
Hi guys,

I'm fairly new to PvP, and have only taken part in a couple of matches. In those matches, I did a considerable amount of damage compared to the other players (approx 500k in a 15 kill match and around 750k in a 20 kill match), but I don't have any idea if that is good or not because I've only played against a very small group of people. I think it's good, but for all I know I'm really just a mediocre player who happens to have been playing against some really bad players. No idea, which is why I'm looking for some perspective.

So, part one of my post is asking, in an average 15 kill match, how much damage do you usually come out with?

Second, I'd also like someone who knows about PvP to look over my build and tell me if any improvements can be made. I'm not really looking for console advice - I like my current crazy console setup, more abilities and other gear.

I'm flying the Defiant-R (from way back when you still got free ships without Vet rewards upon hitting VA). My setup looks like this:

Fore: 3x Antiproton Mk12 DHCs (Pre-S7 Borg gear); 1x Mk12 Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Pre-S7 Borg gear)
Aft: 3x Antiproton Mk12 Turrets (again, Pre-S7 Borg gear)
Engine/Deflector/Shield: All Mk 11 Borg

Subspace Jumper,
Assimilated Console,
Impulse Capacitance Cell,
Isometric Charge,
Point Defense System,
Automated Defense Turret,
Graviton Pulse (Beam?),
Theta Radiation Field.

TT1&2, T:HY2, T:Sp3, C:RF3, C:SV2, AP1, AP:B1.
ST1, PH1

Note, the numbers on the skills may not be entrely correct, but I'm writing this at work, and trying to do it from memory.

Thanks for any input guys
Ok first how much dmg does an average escort do in 15 kill arena? I would say there is no good answer because it depends. If your enemies don't really use any healing and just die instantly you can't do much dmg. If it's a long game your dmg can be pretty high. In the end you should run a combat log parser if you are truly interested in a meaningful number.

Ok a few tipps from me:
First Boffs:
Tac: Beta might be a bad choice for pvp. The problem is, it is cleared by tac team and everyone has tac team. If you find players that do not at least have one copy of tac team you could probably kill them without any buffs anyway. If you time ir right and fight an enemy with only one TT it might still be useful, or combined with a subnuc but generally I would go with delta or omega.
You could try something like:
TT1 Delta1 THY3
TT1 CSV1 Omega1 CRF3

You are right, most people will recommend you EPtS. With 2 copies you can keep it running permanently. That gives you some resist, and also shield power which gives you shield resist too. RSP is an emergency button that can save you after a subnuc, but it will help for a short time only. If you don't have any other resists you are going to die. That RSP gives you are a few sec but without EPtS you will watch your respawn button most of time against a skilled opponent.
Now the problem is you only have 2 eng slots. So either take EPtS1 and 2 or get yourself a doff for the recharge reduction. In that case you could run EPtS1 and RSP1. I am not sure how high the proc chance on the doff was, you might have to look how many you need in what quality to make this work.

ST1 might be nice against some debuffs but it shares a CD with TT. And you already have two copies of TT. TSS on the other hand can be used on yourself and an ally. It also provides healing and resistance.

Your engine and deflector are fine but i would change the shield. The proc is good and the TB as well but the shield is really bad. The cap is pretty low so a good escort mith rip through your shields ald kill you before you realize what is happening. I would go for the MACO shield.

If you truly want to be good at pvp you should consider some changes.
1. You need dmg consoles in your tac slots. They do make a huge difference. Put 4 antiproton consoles in there, your dmg will be laughable otherwise.
2. You might want to consider a field generator. It gives you more shield cap and allows you more time to react against an enemy alpha.
3. Turn rate can be nice but other than in a duel you won't need it. You can consider it though. If you want special consoles take a look at the lobi one. It gives turn rate and crit.
4. Resists. A neutronium can really help to survive if you have problems- It can work without one but consider it if you die too fast.
5. The automated defense turret is this little thing that randomly shoots stuff pretty close to you? And does not really do any dmg? It might be nice against the mine spam but in general I would say it is just a wasted consoles slot.
6. Some special consoles can be buffed with skills. If I am not mistaken Isometric charge is boosted with particle generators. That means if you really want this to be useful you need to invest some skill points and you might want to consider boosting it with part gen consoles.

In the end it is up to you. If you have fun with your build... go ahead. But consider that it is far from optimized and will probably get torn apart against a good player. We all play this game to have fun but I would advice you to experiment a bit, try some other stuff and combine your toys with some normal consoles.