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Big fleet or small fleet,the cost and time on all projects is still far too high,and really slow going.
The 20 hour projects are so slow they really drag.It was good that the time was brought down from 40 hours,but this is not enough.
The cost of 200,000 dilithium for these special projects is a rip off. Big fleet or small fleet.
Sadly not everyone in a fleet contributes their fair share.We can not make them do it,and therefore progress is heavily slowed.
The game would be alot more fun if,all and any projects cost was sharply reduced right down,and that dilithium costs would be very small more expensive stuff please.
I wish there was something in this game,where i could run my own fleet with just duty officers as staff. There would be no arguements about contributions and getting work done would be more efficient.
Deep down,i think this fleet system was a mistake,it would be nice to have a fleet with just myself and doffs only as said. as an option of course.
If any Devs have seen and read this,please think on it.