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12-04-2012, 08:24 AM
I do think the 200k Dilithium requirements for the special projects is a bit too much. I understand why it is that high. For larger fleets getting 200k Dilithium should be pretty easy. For smaller fleets it is a pain, especially now you need them for the Embassy as well.

Until we completeed one of them a few days ago, we had 3 limited time projects running - one in the Embassy, and two in the Starbase. That's some 600k Dilithium needed to finish them. I think that if they could find a way to implement scaling requirements based on the number of people in your fleet, that would be good.

Smaller fleets should require fewer resources, but also offer fewer fleet credits. This will average out the number of fleet credits earned since people in smaller fleets will be contributing more to the fleet projects than people in larger fleets.