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12-04-2012, 07:29 AM
Edit: When you say 'odd' do you mean odd in a good way (as in higher damage than I should have) or in a bad way (as in I've badly nerfed myself)?
Yeah, it seems like it's pretty high, if we're going by the standard 15-minute match. I got a little confused, as I've only seen Arenas go up to 15 kills. I'd sure like to see those scorecards!

"Quick, Number One. Transfer shield strength."
"Onto which target Captain?"
"So, Captain, you want us to transfer strength from our shields to... our shields?"
"Yes, Number One. Make it so."
In-game, the explanation is that they're transferring power from the deflector fields to shields. Yeah, they're apparently two different things. IIRC, the deflector field is what stops stuff punching holes through your hull at significant fractions of c/warp speed, while shields protect you from weapons fire. Screwy, I know.