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12-04-2012, 07:35 AM
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Yeah, it seems like it's pretty high, if we're going by the standard 15-minute match. I got a little confused, as I've only seen Arenas go up to 15 kills. I'd sure like to see those scorecards!
Good. Higher than expected damage is always good. Well, when I'm the one dishing it out at least, lol. They might have been Arena matches. I'm not too sure tbh. Like I said, it was two teams, whichever got the highest kill count won. I do know that you can change the number of kills needed for victory though.

I'll post the links to the scorecards when I get home. I don't have them here

Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
In-game, the explanation is that they're transferring power from the deflector fields to shields. Yeah, they're apparently two different things. IIRC, the deflector field is what stops stuff punching holes through your hull at significant fractions of c/warp speed, while shields protect you from weapons fire. Screwy, I know.
Hmm, that makes about as much sense as Super Tac Team, lol.