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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I'll save you guys some effort...

I requested better borg in the form of a better AI, to be honest I think the entire games AI needs rebuilding from scratch, it's worse than scripted enemies in 1998 for goodness sake.

I felt the damage dealing of borg was fine already though
Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
These kind of abilities lend nothing to the game. They punish you for no reason other than just playing the game. The can not be countered by skill or knowledge, so they don't increase the game's demands on you. In short, all they do is allow you to be the redshirt. The guy who dies for purely dramatic reasons. Sure, it's canon, but noone (or at least very few) want to play a game where they're the 5th member on the away team.
Cryptic, please take note of all this feedback. The Borg, as currently implemented, are badly designed.