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okay okay then, lets tackle this another way.

you have again, in your own posts, described how what you are running just isnt keeping you alive. those consoles every 3 minutes for your "off" heals are nothing compared to a properly spec'd and full aux tss3,he2 combo every 45 seconds. i mean, they are so far off its insanity.... this is better for you, and your teammates than any toy console you could ever run.

so i had shown you, or spoke of, an option that let you run tss3,tss2, he2, he1......maybe a little overkill, but now they are popping every 30 seconds.

also, if you see theta as a "luxury" console, then i'd like to help you out with giving you a console choice that will give you the "luxury" of staying alive. cruisers ignore stuff like that if its not in a kill cycle from a premade. all sci ships carry he, and escorts omega. it only comes around, again, every 3 minutes...

and well, the team fortress console is just hax. but again, please understand:

what you want are choices that impact *EVERY SECOND* of your gameplay. not every 3 minutes for 15 seconds. thats about a 165 second advantage the way i see it. every 3 minutes.

have fun kill bad guys
Well im not exactly sure where your getting that im having survivability issues. I dont remember ever posting that anywhere. I have actually found that the vesta can tank quite well on her own while still distributing heals.

Honestly i don't see how i dont have a properly specced TSS3 and HE. I didnt sacrifice any consoles for those abilites. Please take another look at the sci consoles i equipped. I used the vesta consoles in the tact and engi slots. So im not sure how im not running a properly speced heals. Btw i am running TSS 3 and 2 and HE 1 and 2. So im not sure what your point was there.

One tactic i see very often in pvp in premades as well as pugs is when you focus fire someone and that player starts recieving heals is the focus firing team switches to a different target. And they will keep doing this until all the heals are distributed and the person they are attacking is exposed. The team fortress console combined with the fermion console makes for a nice 12 second cushion for your main heals to get off cooldown.

I can see we look at these consoles from 2 very different point of views and this is why i love pvp to be honest because there really are so many different possibilities and variety is the ways of thinking that it makes for more fun than the same old shooting nanite generators.

I hope during this discussion i have not made it on to your list of "bad guys" because everone knows your motto