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Originally Posted by aetam1 View Post
Well using tac team on yourself probably means you are beaming you people around on your ship. Something like:
"Our aft shields are failing, we need to distribute our shield power!"
"But... The console to do that is way over there... can't you just beam me there?"
"No, transporter needs to recharge."
"Well... guess we die then."
Actually, I think beaming people around the ship is a good idea. I just think it is silly that it takes time to clear the transporter room before you can let your next team in. I mean, you beam all of your scientists to where they need to go. Really, how long does it take to get your Tactical staff in position before you can beam them out too?

If I was that transporter chief, I'd have races.

"Science Team away. Come on people move! First person ready on the pad I'll buy a drink for after the fight."