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# 3441 custome build ships
12-04-2012, 08:07 AM
Just a though for the game, what if you were able to design your own ship from ship parts eg bird of prey wings on a Bortasqu body. then you can (using a sliding scale) customize the turn rate, size and crew etc. the sliding scale would work in that as the bigger you made the ship the turn rate scale would reduce, therefore scarifying one for the other. this can also be done for weapon slots and console slots giving an even spread on the build without people maxing on every thing.

you can also have the ship parts being collected via either missions and/or duty office assignments.

One of the reasons I have suggested this is that the next upgrade to my heavy bird of prey would be the Bortasqu, but I don't like the look of the ship nor do I like the bridge office stations choice, but if I could have it were it looks like a bigger version of the heavy bird of prey and more universal stations then I would go straight for it.

just a thought, let me know if it is even plausible.


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