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12-04-2012, 08:11 AM
I posted this in another thread, but I wanted to post it here as well:

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes
There seems to be a lot of speculation about that sentence in the blog. While it also says that a blog will be out today (expect it around noon PST) explaining how the reward system works, let me give you all a sneak peek...

First: "...winter gift boxes that may contain parts to help build the best prize of all...:

When you read the word "may", it's not meant to be taken as a synonym for "have a chance to". I could see how you might do that from the context, but it's actually a "hey, you never know *wink* *wink*" may. Simply, when you do X to get the "parts" for Y, it's a guaranteed thing -- and, best part of all, it will be free. Just log in to play and you may just find yourself with a pretty nice Y (see what I did there? ).

Based on that, everyone will be able to get Y without having to worry about a chance (other than a chance that you won't be able to log in for your own external reasons), but X will need to be done. Y is the "best prize of all", and X is pretty simple. There are also a ton of other rewards, and while those use the same items as last year (Targ Earmuffs, Candles, etc.), the mechanic on how that works is being changed so it will be a lot easier to get the items you'd like as souvenirs.

I think players are going to be pleasantly surprised after reading the blog today It's the season of giving, and you'll be getting quite a bit from us. Happy Holidays!

Brandon =/\=
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