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08-11-2009, 12:07 AM
Glad to hear that the devs are looking into racial traits that resist / buffed by the affects of certain environments (like Andorians in the cold). I'm all for this. It certainly encourages me to diversify my crew.

I won't make the chat, so on to questions...
  • You said away teams are always 5 men? So does that mean I couldn't bring fewer officers if I wanted to?
  • Can characters fire while moving? And if so does movement lower your accuracy?
  • Can you explain a little better how personal shields work? Do they stop everything or only energy weapons? Do they completely stop damage or only reduce it by a certain amount / percentage? And will they ever get so tough that we'll see characters tank repeated phaser hits?
  • Can you clarify something from the Hailing Frequency interview where they discussed healing? At what sort of range will heals be done at (hand-to-hand range, pistol range, long range... all the above?)