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Is ground combat going to have a dynamic series of goals that need to be completed in order for your faction to take the objective? For example, in MAG (Online FPS not released yet) there are goals that have to be achieved which could be spread over a large area to the point where you may never see a squad of people on your team, but you know they did their job because the defensive turrets are offline when you arrive at your objective; which could be to hack into the exterior access control panels from a remote uplink and in turn opens doors for yet another team to take the base/main objective. This approach would allow you to provide targeted objectives for specific classes which would make that skill set feel more important and provide important assistance to asset capturing.

Also, are planets/bases/space stations going to change hands and actually provide benefits to the ruling faction? If so, will there be NPC protection added to the assets to help fend off counter attacks?