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12-04-2012, 08:23 AM
Going from my experience with a sci captain in a Vo'Quv and Kar'Fi, the Recluse should be pretty effective too.

Run the cmdr slot as tactical, with, say, APO3, APB2, Torp Spread and TT1
Tac ens: tt1
Sci ltnt cmdr: GW1, HE2, TB/TSS
Sci ens: PH/SciT
Eng ltnt cmdr: EPtS1, RSP1, Aux2SIF/EPtS3

(Or cmdr tact: APB3, Torp Spread3, FaW2 and TT1 if you want to put a hefty APB+sensor scan debuff on everything in your Grav well, before torp spreading them to death)

Add in subsystem targeting and "Widow fighters are armed with Tetryon Beams and Quantum Torpedoes. The Widows are also designed to work with the Recluse's Tholian Tetryon Grid. This console creates a grid of tetryon Energy that buffs ally energy damage"

Should be very nice.

The science CC skills will deal some damage, but also keep stuff in place for you to shoot it, which is nice when your own turn rate is 5,5.