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12-04-2012, 08:30 AM
Are the Borg tougher in S7? I suppose yes, as evidenced that I am dying more now where I seldom or did not die in ISE or KASE before. CSE is harder. The most likely reason is the assimilated console changes and increased DoT to hull. I am flying a well equipped MVAE. I expect to be a little easier to kill and often run with groups that aren't so great at support.

I like challenge. My only problem is with ground STFs. I like running ground ops. It's my favorite and my character bios reflect this. Personal Shield Generators are just too weak, especially with regard to Elite Tac Drones. One burst and you lose all your shield and 60% of health. The next action would be pop a heal. Restores the health bar but shields are still zip. Then the next hit from that Tac and a drone and you are waiting to be rez'd or respawning.

PSGs and armor should stop damage. Biological bodies are soft and squishy and don't deal well with contact with plasma, charged particles, radiation, and high energy projectiles.
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