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12-04-2012, 08:56 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
If a Global killer swings by we would have only three options

1 blow the living daylights out of it (impractical but possible)
2 Go for the shelters and hope some of us survive (does not take many to live to rebuild)
3 Pray

My money is on 3
Why not all three? Triple redundancy.

Originally Posted by raj011 View Post
As for blowing up a astroiod or meteor do what they did in Armageddon, blow the damn thing from the instead out. Or shot rockets in to the big thing which can change the trajectory/course so it misses earth. Or how about building a giant laser and shooting at it from a distance?
One idea is to use a "gravity tug", a ship or satellite that flies up next to the asteroid and uses its gravity to gradually alter the asteroid's course. Obviously that's intended to be part of a long-term plan, as the effect would be very gradual.

Blowing up tons of nukes on one side of it should have some effect.