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08-11-2009, 12:45 AM
while ground combat seems alright, i do agree i dont like the lack of not being able to beam yourself outa combat to safety, as stated previously if you wanted to throw in some sorta anti beaming Field up then alright, also I'm still wondering if your able to have ship support in ground combat, also id like to see what plans there are for planet side exploration in non combat situations, say i find some unexplored planet am i able to beam down have a look around, and how that plays with pre warp civs. do i have the option to go down have a look around, during exploration there are plenty of references to crews examining pre warp civs, if you do indeed have that option how open is it, am i forced to adhere to the prime directive. on a side note i wonder if players will be able to expand the range of their chosen side, will exploration and discovery of new worlds expand the boundary's of your chosen sides space