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Originally Posted by obsidiusrex View Post
I think the best they could do is have the display show something based on the last map you were on. For example, you park your ship avatar on the DS9 space map, then go to your bridge (transfer to the bridge map as your captain avatar). Since your last map was DS9 Space, it could display a picture of DS9 on your viewscreen, but it would just be an animated GIF or a static picture, not representing what's really happening on the DS9 map at the time, since a player can't occupy two maps at once.
Yup, this is about the best we could expect. Even this would be welcome though.

The problem with showing what's actually happening around you is that the game would have to load two different environments to run simultaneously, one of you on the ship interior, and one of whatever is in the space map you were on. There would also presumably have to be a little invisible avatar of you in that space map as a reference for where the "camera" should be when you look out the view screen. That's a lot of work for both the server and the game client.

I wouldn't mind a first person view mode where your various HUD windows are built into the frame of a viewscreen (basically just an elaborate overlay). Not sure how well that would work in practice though since your view would be very restricted and you'd constantly be getting blindsided by stuff.