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08-11-2009, 01:01 AM
I personally would like to know more about the non-combat elements of the game. Say for example, how is exploring, crafting and non-mission time going to work? Also, what about Roleplaying? What elements and tools are being added to give us a vast array of things to do which make our character act and behave how we want them too?

And finally, you knew it was coming. Ship interiors (i.e. player housing or ship quarters whatever you want to call it). For me this is very important and will add enormous depth to the game. I agree with Cryptic entirely when they say they don't want it to be a bullet point on a box and want it to be something really interactive and special. I accept it isnt going in for launch but any idea when we will get it? And more so what will we be getting? What are the plans for ship interiors? Anything would be appreciated.

Thank you.