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As suggested: Get a Mirror Ship off the Exchange if you have the EC since they go for relatively cheap. They're better than the free ships in some respects, worse in others. I say this because I find you're more effective when you match ship type with career. But you won't really be gimped in the missions if you mix. You'll just have to adjust the Boff skills to suit.

If you plan to do the STFs and other PUGs at some point you'll have to buy/ grind for purple everything regardless of ship type or else you'll get yelled at by players who take that sort of thing waayyy too seriously, so keep that in mind.
Some are dirt cheap, and if you're unsure about a ship buy a mirror version if you can and save your ship token.

I bought a mirror star cruiser last night for 240K, and saved my token for an escort. I'll be playing (NOT re-playing) the Fed side of the game for the first time beyond the 1st FE soon. It should be interesting as my starter toon hasn't left ESD since he was lvl 20, and the 1-click daily's have made him lvl 50 but no skills have been assigned and he's still in his starter ship.
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