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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
those are really extreme compairisons.

your first example-

the problem there is that the world knows how deadly nukes are, so if a country is threating to nuke the world because theyre not listened too, they will get listened too.

so your point here is that your only threatening the community to use them?

Cryptic doesnt even seemingly know just how powerful these consoles and abilities are, and on rare specific occasions have flat out said theyre supposed to be more powerful because you buy them.

the problem is, the pvp community knows just how OVER POWERFUL they are compaired to everything else. cryptic does not.
i see that as because the pvp community has kept it to itself mostly, while people who have no idea what theyre doing use them and dont see any issues, because theyre more then likely not using them right.

really? The community has cried foul since the day cryptic announced they would make consoles universal. If they haven't listened so far, your solution is to drive as many people away from pvp by chewing them to death to get cryptic to listen? "Cutting your nose off to spite your face" essentially

your second example-
if theyre convicted then that means its already been determined by the group at large just how dangerous they are.

once again, crypitc does not have this because the people who know just how extreme they are don't use them out of a gentlemens agreement. which has cause any eyes that see them being used, being only used by people who are not making the most out of them.

once again- the pvp community keeping it to itself has cause absolutly NO changes to occur to the powers, not even a global cooldown. in fact, i think the community keeping quite has made it worse.

your argument is based in the fact that cryptic indeed cares about balance>profit. The only way they're going to listen is if you hurt their profit enough to make them listen. That involves driving away as many people from pvp as possible. Even then, how many people would it take to overcome their profits in console sales?

remember when consoles were restricted to their own ships class? that had a little bit of balance to it. then they took it away too.
I do remember, and it was balanced. In reality, we've had console powers dating back to when the intrepid was introduced, even if the extra power wasn't a console. It's them becoming universal that became the issue. You think cryptic will seriously reverse this decision?

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