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08-11-2009, 03:56 AM
Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in my hostile feelings towards these developments.

To all those who would say "It's just a game guys, it can't always be true to the lore", I say to you get out of town. This is supposed to be something new and different. Not just another MMO. I hope the Dev team is listening because if they think they can get away with releasing a new face on WoW it's going to backfire. If they were feeding us promising info we would wait indefinitely longer for the promise of a new and groundbreaking game.

There are consequences to beaming out, you don't win, but that might mean the difference between being able to come back and fight again. Run around the corner and wait for my shields to regenerate. Boy I can't wait for the first cry of "Hey no fair" like the old days on the playground.

I'm not trying to prejudge the game but I've said it before, I'm very skeptical.

Bottom line......I don't like the choices that are being taken away from the person who is supposed to be in command of the ship and crew. Starting to wonder whats next, we are going to find out that it costs latinum to go from sector to sector and ooopppsss....better go mine some dilithium before you leave orbit of EVERY PLANET!