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08-11-2009, 03:22 AM
I have a question related to this answer to Ask Cryptic:

Shatterhand: Will these "kits" be supplied to your character automatically upon creation, or will there be a mission or procedure through which they'll be unlocked and ready for use/enhancement?

Kits are basically items that make special skills available, and youíll be granted two Kits at character creation. So if youíre a Science officer, youíll receive a Science Kit and a Medical Kit. If youíre an Engineer, youíll receive a Shield Generator Kit and a Weapons Malfunction Kit. (The different Kits make different skills available, so youíll be able to choose how you want to play your character from the very beginning.) We may increase the starting Kits to three, but itís currently two. However, youíll be able to acquire more Kits through missions and rewards.
So, since there are kits, i was wondering if every item of the kits is permanent, or if part of the items are "spendable" and you need to re-buy or refill it. An example would be an stim-pack with lets say 20 charges. After you use the 20 charges you would need to "buy" more with your "carisma points" (or whatever it is you name your status points with Starfleet / Klingon Empire).