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i often wonder why P2W is such a problem i mean in reality u can get any of the ships/consoles with dilithum feds can buy theta cheap klinks can buy ams cheap. i have 2 accounts with mutiple toons which allows me to make alot of zen on a weekly basis if u know how to watch the dil market there is no reason why anyone with a few toons cant make 1000zen a week so again why is it called P2W when all u have to do is play the game to get it?
1. It speeds up power creep. This pushes the extremes of balancing.

2. It eats up a lot of dev time making the next power creep.

3. It encourages gambling via lotto boxes.

4. While you may not pay for it someone does.

5. There are now tiers of P2W which aren't balanced, and there's unbalances intra tiers of P2W.

6. People play games for fun, not to grind ie work. PvPers, don't like having to grind PvE all the time.

7. It gates new players from being as compatative as they could/should be, since they now have to grind for doffs, ships, sets, P2W consoles, etc.

8. 1-7 drives players from PvP resulting Cryptic Mgt having a pretext to not invest in PvP.