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Originally Posted by eulifdavis View Post
So alternate kits are of no interest to you? I've been wanting to combine various abilities from different kits together, so I'm rather hoping these will have something along the lines of what I really want to use.

What about the Romulan and Reman sets? Those don't interest you at all?

How about the new plasma weapons? Plasma isn't nearly as poor as people make it out to be!

Everything I mentioned above hardly qualifies as "vanity".
1) no info on the kits, so can't determine if they're worth it or not. I'll presume not worth it. and the Mk X purples on the exchange are probably still cheaper than the mountain of resources to purchase and be able to purchase those sets.
2) I have STF gear, grinded those out before the S7 nerfpocalypse. Visuals aren't that impressive on the Reman set anyway.
3) The weapons I have are just fine. Things die so fast in ground that a plasma dot is rather worthless. iirc, our small abandoned starbase sells some decent purple weapons if I wanted to burn dilithium that way.

Ultimately it comes down to the fact that I do not see adequate ROI for grinding out another holding with what I see as inferior or only slightly better items to what I already have.