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08-11-2009, 06:07 AM
The end conditions are a bit odd to me as well. It's logical in a way but doesn't fit into ST.
If you beam out, don't you... lose? You leave the location to your enemy.
On the other hand, they might want to shoot me down here if I had superior firepower in the skies.
Otherwise, the fight would be continued in space anyway no? Unless you're dealing with ship-less peeps (NPCs), thus a mission you can retry anyway.

I'd prefer that groups have teleportation-blocking skills/devices like a form of ECM (and have ECCM, worth testing no?). That's alot more ST to me, and would make for potentially interesting additional gameplay choices.
(Either counter/disable the ECM, or run away far enough from it)

Some esoteric counter that keeps track of how long you haven't shot or been shot at, belongs more in a non-teleportation world, where proving where you can stay out of battle can mean you've escaped. Throwing transporters into that equation makes that method feel... rather out of place...