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12-04-2012, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Dieing 5x w/o a single repair is gonna annoy your PuGmates.

To your original question I've had as low as under 200k to over 1 million in arena using the same set up. There's too many variables based on who you're teamed w/and who you're fighting to look for a set amount.

For example your 1st volley could strip away a target's shield while a BO crit from an ally takes the target out before your 2nd volley lands. In this case you've been productive, but the damage isn't counted.

Also, I've had lolz transphasics builds w/a sci b'rel which do a lot of damage, but don't kill often. It's decent pressure damage at times, but really it's not as valuable as the scoreboard indicates.

Imo, the only scoreboard chasing you should do is who won and did you have fun while doing it.
They didn't really mind my lack of repairs - it was my fleet introducing me to PvP. They suggested I picked up a few self heals, which I did, but am not happy with and will be changing based on feedback in this thread.

I thought the damage counts would include shield damage, but if not, I see what you mean about damage being circumstantial. Thanks for explaining that part to me