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Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
Here is my idea, is that what class you are you do not put in the Comm spot. This allows you to get the good ablities from the 2 other trees. Sci is a great Comm spot filler.

This would lead me to A: tactical
B: engineering
Or, if I put the tactical there (which I think I'll do after some tests on tribble) engineering or science.

Originally Posted by twam View Post
Going from my experience with a sci captain in a Vo'Quv and Kar'Fi, the Recluse should be pretty effective too.

Run the cmdr slot as tactical, with, say, APO3, APB2, Torp Spread and TT1
Tac ens: tt1
Sci ltnt cmdr: GW1, HE2, TB/TSS
Sci ens: PH/SciT
Eng ltnt cmdr: EPtS1, RSP1, Aux2SIF/EPtS3

(Or cmdr tact: APB3, Torp Spread3, FaW2 and TT1 if you want to put a hefty APB+sensor scan debuff on everything in your Grav well, before torp spreading them to death)
This is surely a +1 for sci but yea... when donatra looks at you with that torp spread BRRRRR *Digs his character list looking desperately for his old beloved miracle worker*
I've just given a look to the Wiki. Carriers are designed for sci characters but when it comes to survivability engineer can make those beasts the most resilient ships in game
Give a look at this video starting from the 13th min
when I saw this I thought just WOW