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12-04-2012, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by curs0r View Post
Also, I think he was talking about double fleet credits and leaving the leaderboard alone, but that's up to the OP to confirm or deny.
thats like the bonus thingy from the lockboxes which is really easy to get at the moment.
Would you sub for that or would you see a reason to sub for bonus ?

I say they should "pimp" those vet rewards and make people want to hit 100 days ,200 .....1000 (legit way) because people like rewards (human feature working as intened ).Like I said they can add subs in c store.That way the exchange rate shuold change abit and that will help me get more dilithium for my zen ....Im officially too cheap to pay 1 zen for 111 dilithium