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12-04-2012, 12:19 PM

In any other situation chances are I would agree with you but I've spoken with Kestrel in a calm social setting before interviews and I think she has an excellent grasp of all things KDF (from Ridges to Gorn to Orion to Leatheans) and for some reason that never quite got spoken aloud they have her reigns a bit tight and will not let her run.

So instead it's a management directive that sticks us with things like PokeRomulus, FarmRomulus, and, of course, "Helplessly incompetent Peasant: New Romulus"?

Admittedly, I was so turned-off by New Romulus on my Fed (*in tribble) that I stopped after half an hour and refuse to go back. In terms of KDF "Content" it's, put nicely, utterly inappropriate and really badly justified-kind of a "Here, break character for trinkets!"

(Spit), if they're not LETTING her write KDF content intelligently, then it's a serious management issue, but even as FED content it's half-assed work, and honestly, she's a pro, doing things half-assed should be as offensive to her professional pride, as reading it is offensive to a discerning consumer.
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