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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
I've got a question to those who still read this thread:

in the other thread bluegeek proposed a change to the configuration:
by giving it a 3rd tactical instead of a 3rd engineering console the ship would be more of a "fight and run ship" than "a stand and fight ship".

Back then my response was that I thought the ship's purpose was to return home with its information and that the engineering console would also represent the changes to the ship that led to its use as a long-range ship.

What do you folks think/feel about this?

Which persepctive makes more sense for a Klingon ship?
I believe the person below is correct. A scouts job is information first, fight second.

Originally Posted by espiritas View Post
Hmm... Personally i think the additional engineering slot makes more sense as a scout, no matter the secondary role, is primarily a support craft and point man. So before anything else (even if marginally) it should be geared towards three chief facets- information gathering, communication, and speed/endurance.

After all it is a scout's job to not only find the information, but also to escape or otherwise find a way to report what has been discovered. Combat would be considered through a 'target of opportunity' basis, or as a function of support.
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