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I would be interested to know who decided it would be "fun" for us players to add 2.1K shields to already very tough Alphas. The Alphas (or any of the salt vampires for that matter) did not have shields two patches ago. Not only do we have to fight unending swarms of salt vampires, we must also take down heavily shielded salt vampires. This map used to be fun because it was different. Rather than fighting one very tough opponent, we fought overwhelming swarms of weak enemies that overran our position if we did not act quickly. Now when those two mechanics are combined... overwhelming swarms of weak enemies with multiple very tough NPCs...the map ceases to be fun. Please, revert the personal shield generator changes.
The shielded Alphas are fine in the landing zone where you have a small army using focus fire tactics on them, but in the building stage they're ridiculously hard to kill since every player needs to guard a single building and can't change focus to deal with them.

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