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That is the heart of the Good fight!!

You are correct though that with some love and attention many damn good Foundry missions could be converted to state up legit KDF content with rewards and a place in the backstory to fill the missing 1-21 ranks.
it can go a lot further than that-a break from the linear railroad of rebranded Fed content, a fill-out for the partial seasons we've been getting to expand them into fully fledged season-length content, (there are something on the order of 3-8 times as many missions in "Romulan Mystery" and the Cardie/Beta Ursa area for feds as there are for KDF).

I'd suggest there's enough on Tribble that they could 1-for-1 match existing federation-level content in less time, with less work for the Dev team, from Levels 1-50 and only have to keep a FEW of the converted Fed missions. (For instance, eliminating the entire "Night of the Comet" string from the KDF side and nobody'd really miss it, and replacing the idiotically inappropriate "Undine Advance" lurve fest with something that would, at least, make SENSE for Klinks...such as maybe expanding the Orellius sector missions to cover the KDF's role in fighting hte Borg more fully, or maybe an actual set of missions in Gamma Orionis that aren't toothachingly inappropriate hug-fests compleat with the Harry Potter ending.)
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