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08-11-2009, 08:27 AM
Another case of premature rage?

I'm getting the impression some people think that an MMO is similar to other genres of games in that when released its a finished product: a start, a storyline, all its features all nice and polished, and an ending that brings closure and leaves you all warm and fuzzy with a sense of accomplishment.... when in actuality MMOs are a constantly evolving entity. They tend to be continuously improved upon (or at least developed) once released.

Why donít we refrain from burning it at the stake until we see a more solid representation of whatís being done with the game?

As for the Beaming out of combat etc: Cryptic- Perhaps a compromise?

We can even tie this in with the skill Kits. You stated earlier in this thread that the skill Kits starting quantity will be 2 and that our useable skills stem from these Kits. What about adding a third Kit for a different class of skill? Let's call it "Communications" or something to that effect, and have it be a cross-class skill.

Something all three major char types (Tactical, Engi, and Science) can use, and have its primary use be an "Emergency Transporter Call" or something similar. It could be a useable skill; allowing characters to call their units out of the fray, but add a long cool-down timer to it and it canít be abused. As for PvP, simply add the forfeit mechanic that would count a team's usage of "Emergency Beam Out" count as a win for the opposing side?

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