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08-11-2009, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by Lictalon View Post
Another case of premature rage?

I'm getting the impression some people think that an MMO is similar to other genres of games in that when released its a finished product: a start, a storyline, all its features all nice and polished, and an ending that brings closure and leaves you all warm and fuzzy with a sense of accomplishment.... when in actuality MMOs are a constantly evolving entity. They tend to be continuously improved upon (or at least developed) once released.

Why donít we refrain from burning it at the stake until we see a more solid representation of whatís being done with the game?

As for the Beaming out of combat etc: Cryptic- Perhaps a compromise?

We can even tie this in with the skill Kits. You stated earlier in this thread that the skill Kits starting quantity will be 2 and that our useable skills stem from these Kits. What about adding a third Kit for a different class of skill? Let's call it "Communications" or something to that effect, and have it be a cross-class skill.

Something all three major char types (Tactical, Engi, and Science) can use, and have its primary use be an "Emergency Transporter Call" or something similar. It could be a useable skill; allowing characters to call their units out of the fray, but add a long cool-down timer to it and it canít be abused. As for PvP, simply add the forfeit mechanic that would count a team's usage of "Emergency Beam Out" count as a win for the opposing side?

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I'm not sure to whom you are referring to with the premature rage? Mostly what I'm seeing on these forums are ideas and suggestions. Especially since Cryptic is asking about follow-up questions. We should be greatful that they establish such forums. If anything I'm hoping a decision maker reads these ideas/suggestions and prioritizes them or perhaps even drives it to implementation.