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Originally Posted by guglif View Post
Carriers are designed for sci characters
Stop. Please just stop. Any ship can be flown well with any captain class.

Just because a ship has the most bridge officer slots of a particular type does not mean that it is "designed for" a matching captain class.

As for specific captain skills that boost carriers more than another ship type, each class has at least one:
TAC: FOMM reduces target's DR, making your pets deal more damage
ENG: Power Boost (forgot it's name) increases AUX power significantly, reducing hangar cooldown noticably
SCI: Sensor scan reduces target's DR, making pets deal more damage. Also has the blue bubble (forgot it's name), giving some protection against energy weapons for pets that are close to (though in practice, most non-BOP/Karfi Frig pets will still not survive an attack, and pets are often outside this bubble anyway).