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# 11 Tholian Captain Combat 101
12-04-2012, 01:51 PM
If you're dying MULTIPLE times, you're doing it wrong. Not every opponent is designed to attack in the same manner. Agreed the Tholian Captain put a new level of difficulty for ground opponents - so change your tactics Captain Kirk!

Here is how my under-powered engineer solved the problem with only 1 death:
  1. Position your away team two to a side of the corridor. Note: 'corridor' NOT big room with no defensible positions.
  2. Move to the edge of the room entrance.
  3. Target an away team member. (important - to prevent accidental start of this process.)
  4. Moving backward towards your team, deploy a phaser turret, then a quantum mortar. Note: these are little more than a distraction to the Tholian's.
  5. Place a hard shield slightly facing slightly to the right or left (the gold one) and then finally a health gen.
  6. Go to the gap on the left or right (the shield should be covering the health generator)
  7. Slowly move up until you can target 1 of the rooms occupants. Fire and move back slowly.
  8. Commence Tholian Executions.
  9. Repeat 2x with Commander waves, then for the final Captain wave.

STO gave you the tools and designed it so that a smart player could box the Tholian waves in. Fighting in the open is foolish against a weapons system that can easily kill you in 1-2 shots.

Funnel your opponent into your trap. They will try to rush in, but now you're focusing 3-5 attacks on a a single target automatically. The floor weapons (phaser turrets) act as targets to keep the main attack of your team.

Obviously, Sonic weapons plays a HUGE role adding almost 25% damage to each volley, depending on the weapon. Fully auto weapons really make use of the sonic bonus here, adding 7.5 damage to each shot.

Grenades are a problem in confined spaces, one nasty side effect is that it will propel a Tholian Commander or two OVER your shield and behind you. You can simply turn around and destroy them quickly before they knock out your heals.


I've now run this successfully with no HERO deaths for SCI, TAC and Engineer toons with both factions.

The biggest challenge you will face is your own lack of planning.

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