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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Heh, no DHCs...but how about a special Lobi weapon secondary set, eh?

Special Breen Polaron Beam, Special Breen Transphasic, and... oh snap, I guess there would be a console!

With the various bonuses - running it with the Breen set - something for the folks to do while they're grinding their way to Rom/Omega Rep...

...I could see it.

No console on the ship, but one available as part of a set coming to the Lobi store.

Definitely better than it coming with one for stirring up the masses.
...And the breen just love their power drain abilities. How about this for a breen ship?

Hull: 18,000
Shield: 2.00
Weapons: 3 Fore/3 Aft
Crew: 250
Bridge Officers: Commander Sci, Lt. Commander Sci, Lt. Commander Sci, Lt. Engineering, Ensign Tactical
Device Slots: 3
Consoles: 1 Tactical, 7 Science, 2 Engineering
Turn Rate: 25
Bonus Power: +50 Auxiliary power levels
Abilities: Subsystem Targeting, Sensor Analysis, Breen Energy Dissipator

Can only be equip on the Chel Grett or any KFD carrier.

360 degree Breen Polaron Beam Array Mk-D [Acc]x4 (D as in Drain) 500 DPV (250 DPS)
To Target: 50% chance -15 power to all Subsystems for 5 minutes. Max Stack 10
When firing other energy weapons:
100% chance to apply Breen plasmonic leech
To target: -10 all power levels for 180 seconds (No stack limit) (Modified by flow capacitors)
To self: +10 all power levels for 180 seconds (No stack limit)

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