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08-11-2009, 10:01 AM
Yeah I'd ike to know that too. And will there be parts of the map where it's ONLY PvP? So know... people that have no interest in the ST universe can just hone their battle skills on each other and on innocent bystanders? Can you give me and only me tips on how to make life miserable for everyone else playing the game? Maybe a combination of skill sets that pretty much buff each other to the point where I'm untouchable? Oh yeah, and is it possible verbally communicate with other players even if they're not on your team so I can tell them they've been PWNED? I'm really looking forward to being the only person having fun in this MMO. And the only way to do that is intense PvP...which is the antithesis of Star Trek. Anyone wanna join my group: Serenity Now...part deux? Let's not focus on exploration or diplomacy or any other trekkie crap. Straight up deathmatches everywhere. Where I always win. And you always lose. Man I love PvP. I can't wait to have World of Starcraft Trek Online. anyways. Could we not have those kinds of douche bags in the game? Maybe set up a screening process so i don't have to go to their homes and speak to their parents about how they failed at parenting?

Also......will there be ground combat similar to an FPS or GTA?