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12-04-2012, 02:32 PM
Hello! I am the 26th new personnel officer. You can usually find me tooting around space in a beat up Exeter class if you have any questions about the 26th fleet and people inside. Catch me anytime ingame @juroden

And now some IC logs of the 26th fleet.

It?s been just shy of a month since relief operations have begun on New Romulus? and already the price in blood and treasure is high. I expect it to climb further still. With the defeat of the recent KDF Task Force, Praetorian station seems to have found a period of tranquility. Relief Operations continue to the Romulans; convoys of Starfleet and Civilian origin come through the station on such a regular schedule that freighter crews are becoming familiar faces in the crowd on the station. Making port of call seems more like a homecoming, or a reunion for some of the station?s crew.

I hope they enjoy the respite.

During this down time, I?ve seen to it that Commander Cabis is finally getting the chance of a lifetime. Commander Cabis is being sent back to Starfleet Academy, to undertake the Perisher exam; the final test of a command officer?s abiity to lead men and women in extraordinary situations- a graduated officer?s version of the Kobayashi Maru. It is my intention and hope that Commander Cabis comes back to us as Captain of a Federation Starship.

However, this required a replacement in our security ranks. Lieutenant Penny Black has been promoted to Lt. Commander, and accepted the role of Chief of Security. She?s a remarkable young woman, who has been forced to overcome more than her fair share of obstacles in life. I know she?ll do well in this posting, and it couldn?t have come at a better time.

Captain Nightmoon has made some disturbing finds, which were corroborated by Chief Ill'issin. The Iconians have been spotted in the Tau Dewa sector.

Everything that we?ve worked for, everything that we?ve bled for is in jeopardy of being undone. Captain Nightmoon however has a plan, but it?ll require the skills of brave men and women to venture to hostile environments, and contend with the Tholians.

I pray they can act in time.

Computer, end log.