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Escort. Specifically the MVAM for its Lt. Com slot gives you escort level AoE damage with science crowd control.

I think this ship itself is the most effective PvE ship. Its an escort, meaning you can clear fleet missions, STFs, Romulan reputation missions, pretty much all PvE with ease. When you add in the Lt. Com sci slot, you have room for grav well or TSS III. If you didnt specifically want those, then you can still slot a tractor beam or repulsors without giving up your science heals.

Grav well holds everyone together, hit TT, Beta, CSV and TS and watch the weaker ships kill their buddies with their own warpcore explosions.

The console layout is nice and balanced too. The Multi-Vector part is fun, but most importantly, your turn rate increases tremendously. (Not that you really need it in PvE).
This is by far the strongest PvE build I've seen posted in a long time.

vids and guides and stuff

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