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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
Dammit. All the cool stuff gets ruined by whining PVPers. Danubes, PSW, the Borg Set, whatever. Grrr.

So do the Danubes have ANY point now? Without the tractor beam they just seem like a weaker form of Peregrines with thicker hulls.
1st of all why are u angry with PvP-ers, if u have been playing PvP`s u would see how annoying and powerful danubes where. Imagine u are doing... dunno, fleet starbase defense, and u have been constantly tractored, and more and more tractored? U think that would be fun 4 u to play? Also, why the heck are u guys putting freakin danubes,/deltas/peregrines on heavy ESCORT carrier. Just make it simple and better for u and your teammates, use shield repair shuttles ! It`s an ESCORT not a carrier !
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex:
[*]All Warbird descriptions have been updated, typoes removed, and gramer corrected.

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