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and you may as well slot nothing instead of that breen cluster torp. you'd get the same results, but you just wouldnt see those mines pop out once they hit the target, and immediately get eaten up by AOE and TCD and pet spam.
I find the cluster torp to be pretty useful. It used to be bugged where it wouldn't split into the mines if you fired it too close to your enemy so it wasn't worth using. When they fixed that bug, I believe it also made it to where the mines deploy and start chasing your target much faster than before. If you are 1 km from your target and you launch regular mines it takes about 4-5 seconds for the mines to launch, get set up, then start chasing your target. If you do the same thing with a cluster torp, it takes about 1-2 seconds for it to go through that process so it's a lot less likely that the cluster mines will be targeted or avoided. Plus, with the amount of mines the cluster torp launches, it's like getting a free DPB, but better because the mines are more tightly packed, which means more spike since they will all be hitting at the same time. I love using the cluster torp on my transphasic torp/mine boat...get 'em in a transphasic sandwich with DPB mines on one side and cluster torp on the other....mmmmm tasty.