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12-04-2012, 03:40 PM
Two things about escorts. They are meant to be DPS ships and their main defense is maneuverability.

Dump the beams go all cannons, dump two neutronium, add one monotanium and a plasma distribution manifold. Get a tachyokinetic converter. Dump the aft torpedo and go all turrets.

You don't list the BO's.

In your skills reduce the ship energy weapons to 7 and the ship projectile weapons to 6. You should then be able to bring energy weapons specialization to 6.

Drop everything from flow capacitors. You don't need it and put that into anything that will bring your warp core, engines or armor up.

My current build with skills is listed here.

Look to the last couple pages. I know the engines and deflector aren't great but they are there for a reason.