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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
As for ****ing off the people I am flying against, why not? The more attention they are forced to spend on keeping track of me and what I am doing means that less attention is on my teammates. Besides, annoyed people make mistakes.

While the criticisms about my build are appreciated, what I really want here is perspective. I'm getting that I have an unusual build, but rather than just say something like 'Get some new consoles' (and I assume you mean stack damage consoles, resists, and shield strength), tell me, how does your ship perform in PvP? In an average 15-kill match, how much damage do you do? (Yes, I know damage isn't everything, but DPS is my primary purpose as an Escort, so I think it applies over healing here).

Also, why does no-one use RSP in their builds? I find that combined with TT, it can fully recharge my shields in a matter of seconds. That should be more effective than EPtS, surely?
What happened to common decency and playing with a bit of self respect?

It's impossible to put a number on 'how much damage do you do in a 15 kill arena' because exactly 0 arenas are the same as another arena.
And yes, by sort your consoles I mean put all damage type consoles of whatever your cannon damage type is. sci and eng are less important, but you are genuinely doing it wrong as an escort without all damage consoles in tac.

Nobody uses rsp without a spare slot to put it in because it's a ridiculously bad opportunity cost power, especially with no resist powers at all elsewhere in your build. I would only slot rsp in my build if there was literally nothing else to put there.
To put numbers on it. RSP is 10 seconds immunity and a 0 resist heal every minute and a half or 2 mins (I can't remember) in addition to being a subnuke magnet, as opposed to epts, which is 20-30% resists on your shileds for 30 seconds and has 100% uptime if you have 2 copies.
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